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  • Akashdeep Singh Jaswal

    Akashdeep Singh Jaswal

    ML Engineer | I enjoy being uncomfortable and solving complex problems through smart (AI) solutions. https://www.linkedin.com/in/akashjaswal/

  • Seojin Bang

    Seojin Bang

    Carnegie Mellon University and Petuum Inc.

  • Texar


    Toolkit for Text Generation and Beyond

  • Machine Learning Department at CMU

    Machine Learning Department at CMU

    Ranked as the #1 educational research institution in the 🌎 for AI & machine learning β†’ @mldcmu | Learn + β†’ https://www.ml.cmu.edu/

  • Aurick Qiao

    Aurick Qiao

  • Vamshi Ambati

    Vamshi Ambati

    Founder @ Predera, ex Data Science @ Base,PayPal. #NLP, #machinelearning; PhD, Carnegie Mellon alumni (Blog: http://allthingsds.wordpress.com)

  • Chenyu Wang

    Chenyu Wang


  • Yang Yuan

    Yang Yuan

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