Petuum Community Events in April 2021 | Petuum

CASL Forte presentation at Nvidia GTC 2020

Modularizing Natural Language Processing

CASL AdaptDL presentation at Nvidia GTC 2021

S31561: Presenting AdaptDL: An Open-Source Resource-Adaptive Deep Learning Training and Scheduling Framework

Petuum Industrial AI Optimum for Oil and Gas at Nvidia GTC 2021

S31595: Unlock Greater Productivity and Operational Excellence Post-COVID with the Power of AI for Oil & Gas

Petuum Industrial AI Optimum at Machine Learning in Oil and Gas 2021

Lead AI-Powered Autonomous Oil and Gas Manufacturing with Deep Learning Optimization

CASL AdaptDL presentation at PyTorch Ecosystem

AdaptDL for PyTorch

CASL Forte presentation at PyTorch Ecosystem

Forte for PyTorch



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